HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 Released

HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 has been released yesterday (Dec 02). This release has the service pack which has new features, enhancements, defect fixes, and support for newer technologies.

You can upgrade directly from UFT 11.50, 11.51, 11.52 to Unified Functional Testing 11.53.

Service Pack 3 is available for download from http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/LID/UFT_00044

Here is the direct download link. (324.86 MB)

In this blog post, we will see about ten new things that comes with UFT 11.53:

1. Look and Feel for BPT

Business Process Testing in UFT has a new avatar which provides one-stop for seamless functional testing. Below is the enhanced user interface of BPT in UFT.

HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 New UI
HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 New UI

2. Import Network Capture Data for Use in API Test

Using import network capture data it is simple to create a web service in your API. UFT captures network files and create a web service by reading TCP information. Using network capture feature, yo can record the network traffic instead of doing it manually.

3. Continue Running GUI Tests on a Remote Computer after Disconnecting

Even after disconnecting from your remote desktop, it is possible to execute your GUI tests. No need to sit in front of your computer for monitoring. This helps when your LAN got disconnected but still UFT runs the test for you.

4. Enhanced Search

UFT has enhanced search feature and filter which expedites your search operations and provide relevant results.

5. Integration with Service Virtualization

Now you can run GUI tests as well as API tests that uses service virtualization. Execution report also has been added so that testers now can see which services were being used.

6. Run Results Deletion Tool

Now you can delete your results directly from your Run Results Viewer., without connecting Run Results Deletion Tool to ALM.

7. Flex Applications Support

UFT 11.53 has Flex Runtime Loader which expedites the Flex applications testing. No need to compile your script for testing. New object methods and properties have been added in this release.

8. Improved Insight Test Object Image

You can specify the areas in the image in UFT to ignore, so that during runtime UFT will ignore while searching for that object.

9. GUI Synchronization Points While Recording

Now you can add GUI Sync points while recording directly from the toolbar.

10. New Technologies Support

Following are the new technology and its version which is supported in UFT 11.53:

Windows 2012, Firefox 22-24, Chrome 27-30, IE10, HTML5 enhancement, .NET Framework 4.5, Citrix 6.5, PeopleSoft 9.53, Flex SDK 4.6

Note: This Service Pack is mandatory for all of UFT 11.5X functional testing users, regardless of whether they are using UFT, FT, QTP, or ST licenses.

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