HP UFT Critical Patch Released

HP released UFT Critical Patch 1 for UFT 11.53. Below are the links which has critical patches.

Following are the issues that have been fixed in this UFT patch:

  • Option for Service Test encodes a REST Service send request
  • Service Test Compare XML activity fix
  • Unable to locate the project file when trying to open a recently created service test
  • IIS JSON BOM issue
  • Faster Object Spy
  • Slow UFT startup on a Window 7 64 bit OS has been fixed
  • SetToProperty method fix
  • Fix for OpenURL property
  • Cannot run test in Quality Center. The test run will stop now and Node not found fix
  • UFT editor performance increase
  • Recording of Flex list and Flex Pop-up window buttons

HP UFT Critical Patch Download

Also, HP released few equivalent patches for ALM and Service Test. Click below links to download.

ALM and Service Test Patch Download


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