HP released StormRunner Load

HP has released its new solution tool for performance testing called StormRunner Load. Performance testing delivery via cloud. I think HP is competing with well-known cloud based tools such as Blazemeter, LoadStorm etc.

Public beta is available from July 24 onwards. If you are interested to test, enroll now at http://hpsw.co/Mg96DdZ HP is claiming that performance testing costs will bring down and brings agility.

Watch below video for more details.

Here is the Getting Started video of StormRunner Load

StormRunner Load Features

  • Cloud-based services
  • Intuitive UI
  • Supports TruClient, HTTP and TruAPI protocols
  • Rich and dynamic performance metrics
  • SiteScope monitoring
  • CI tools integration

I have already enrolled and waiting for more details. I will post my review once I completed my beta testing. Happy Testing!

StormRunner Load

1 thought on “HP released StormRunner Load”

  1. Hi Team,
    Could you please help me in understanding the analysis reports.
    How analysis report will be stored to use them offline and Could we use LR analysis to do Stormrunner Load analysis report.


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