HP LoadRunner TruClient Help Center 12.02

In this article we will see about HP LoadRunner TruClient Help Center 12.02 details which will help you to learn about TruClient protocol. Below is the link which will take you to the help center.

HP LoadRunner TruClient Help Center 12.02

I urge you to bookmark above link for your future reference. In recent releases of HP LoadRunner and HP UFT, HP enhanced the documentation and other reference materials.

How to use TruClient help center?

This TruClient help center has five menus as shown below.

TruClient Help Center
TruClient Help Center

TruClient Help Center Topics

Get Started has Introduction to TruClient.

Fundamentals has TruClient step structure, The TruClient sidebar, and Browsers in TruClient.

Develop Scripts has Record, Replay, Enhance, General Settings Dialog Box, and General Troubleshooting and Limitations

Advanced has Program in TruClient and Examples

API Help has TruClient Functions, TruClient VTS Functions, TruClient Step Arguments, and TruClient Properties

Each topic has clear description with the screenshots, search, back/front navigation, highlights, print, and other options. At the footer, you can see the last updated date and time as well.

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HP TruClient Help Center

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