HP LoadRunner 12.x hangs while saving

While saving scripts in VuGen 12.00, 12.01 or 12.20 scripts and also VuGen indicate the script parsing also failed. HP released an updated DLL for this issue. In this article we will see how to fix this issue in HP LoadRunner.

How to apply this fix in VuGen 12.02?

  1. Download this attachment [Login access required]
  2. Navigate to [HP Software folder] \AddIns\VuGen\FrontEnd\VuGenLanguageBindings
  1. Always take a backup of the original file HP.LR.VuGen.VuGenLanguageBindings.dll
  2. Extract the zip file and apply HP.LR.VuGen.VuGenLanguageBindings.dll from the attached file.
  3. Check if the script will save successfully.

How to apply this fix in VuGen 12.00 and 12.01?

There is no DLL fix in VuGen 12.00 and 12.01. You need to use simple string without any special characters such as  “(“, “ %”, “#”, “/”, “- “,  “+”

For example:
lr.save_string(“ORA Parse Count Hard”, “ORA Parse Count(#/s) ” + instance);

then use the parameter in the VuGen function:
lr.user_data_point(lr.eval_string(“{ORA Parse Count}”), oracle.getPerSecondValue(“parse count”));

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HP UFT 12.01

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