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HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 Released

March 17, 2014: HP released its most anticipated, revamped, and packed with awesome features for performance testing, HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12. I have not got chance to test LoadRunner 12 Beta, but I would like to share about the glimpse about HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 and its features.

What’s new in HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12?

HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12
HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12

Cloud-based Load Generators (LG)

One of the interesting and most-wanted feature is injecting load from the cloud. Earlier, we need to have physical LGs to inject the load to the application under test. But now, it is possible to inject, scale the load from the cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can configure the settings using Network Security Manager. You can add `n` number of cloud accounts, and manage your network profiles to generate huge load.

Mobile Testing

Now you can test any mobile application in this newer version. You can achieve most realistic mobile performance testing by integrating Shunra Network Virtualization. Other features include:

  • Define multiple geo locations per LG
  • New graphs and charts for network virtualization

Free 50 Virtual users

Now HP is offering 50 Virtual Users for FREE. This will definitely help to perform short-term projects, Proof of Concepts, Tool evaluation, etc. You will get all the protocols except GUI (UFT), COM/DCOM, GUI(UFT) virtual users and template bundle.

VuGen Features

  1. Replay your script to get statistics about Bytes, Total Connections, and Disconnections etc.
  2. Edit common file types in the editor like .txt, .dat, etc.
  3. Supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 30, and Firefox 23.
  4. Record and Replay with Google Chrome
  5. Create scripts from Wireshark and Fiddler
  6. Record SPDY and HTML5 protocols

TruClient Features

  1. Record HTTP/HTML traffic from your TruClient script using TruClient script converter.
  2. It supports IP Spoofing, Rendezvous Points, VTS2, and Shunra.

Platforms Support

  1. Install HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 in Windows Server 2012
  2. You can launch LoadRunner using non-administrator accounts with UAC and DEP enabled.
  3. You can integrate LoadRunner with Jenkins
  4. Supports latest version of Eclipse Juno, JUnit, and Selenium
  5. Linux LGs now supports LDAP, FTP, IMAP, POP, ODBC, DNS, and Windows Sockets. Replay can be through Unix LGs as well.

Download HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 Now

Download HP LoadRunner 12 and HP Performance Center 12 Protocol bundles

Download HP LoadRunner software Datasheet

HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center software

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