HP invites Beta Testers for its Performance TaaS Solution

Good news to all HP LoadRunner testers. If you are interested in taking part in a beta program of a HP’s next generation performance testing solution, please read further.

HP invites Beta Testers for its Performance TaaS Solution
HP invites Beta Testers for its Performance TaaS Solution

What is HP PTaaS?

HP PTaaS is modern Software as a Service (SaaS) based application which enables performance test engineers and agile folks to load test their web applications using an elastic cloud-based testing solution.

HP LoadRunner and Performance Center customers can use their existing assets (VuGen scripts). If they want to scale up and run larger load tests from the cloud for their external facing web applications using the PTaaS solution.

When it will start?

The program is scheduled to start in May 2014, till June. During the beta testers will get free access to PTaaS solution and will be able to evaluate to provide your feedback.

How to register for this program?

You can contact Yaron Goldstein for more details. There is post in LinkedIn group regarding this announcement.

I had been part of LoadRunner 11.5 almost 1.5 years ago and provided feedback to LoadRunner engineers. I have already enrolled for this program as well. Don’t miss this chance!

What is Beta Testing?

Did you know Gmail had a Beta tag for almost 10 years. But why? Is it worth to wait for long period. Definitely, yes. During beta testing, Google was able to identify most serious issues, bottlenecks, and improved the performance of Gmail.

Beta Testing – a test will be performed by the end-users prior to commercial release. Company will deliver the product outside it premises i.e. other than company users to evaluate the product and to feedback elicitation for further improvement. It is the last stage of product development life cycle.

Alpha/Beta Testing term originated at IBM.

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