How to write variable values in JMeter?

In this blog post, we will see how to write variable values in JMeter. Writing run-time variable value helps you for debugging your test plan.

Go to JMETER_HOME\bin, open file in your favorite editor. (I use jEdit or Notepad++). Search for sample_variables text.

By default it is commented, uncomment that line. You could see there will two default variables SESSION_ID,REFERENCE. You can remove those variables or you can keep it as it is.

Now add your variable names separated by comma. E.g. sample_variables=SESSION_ID,REFERENCE,myval1,myval2,myval3, … and so on.

Now add a Simple Data Writer listener and enter a valid CSV file name. JMeter writes the values of the variables in that file in run-time.

Below is the snapshot of my test plan and the output.

Sample Test Plan
Sample Test Plan
CSV Output
CSV Output

Download my sample test plan

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Sample Test Plan

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