How to use Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner?

In this article, you are going to learn about how to use Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner? You got the non-functional requirements, technical design, sample test data, application business flow documents, and other miscellaneous details. What is next? It is about to start your recording and scripting. Hold your horses. Which protocol is apt for testing the performance? Is your application thin or thick client? Are you going to test FTP sites? Is your application built on multiple protocols? If you are skeptical about which protocol(s) to use, do not panic. HPE LoadRunner has a utility called Protocol Advisor which will help you to identify appropriate protocol for recording.

Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner

Below is the series of steps you need to perform to identify apt protocol for recording.

  • Launch Protocol Advisor by clicking on Record > Protocol Advisor > Analyze Application
Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner
Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner
  • Perform business flow and then click on Stop Analyzing button
  • Save the results. Results will be saved in *.html format

LoadRunner remembers the protocol advisor history as well. It stores last 16 Protocol Advisor reports.

Once the report is generated, you can see the list of protocols suggested by LoadRunner in the priority order. Now you can create vuser script protocol by using following order:

  • Multi/Combination protocol
  • Highest level application protocol
  • The first protocol on the list

After recording the business flow, it is advisable to enhance, debug and verify the replay. In case, if the replay is not success, go to the next protocol from the Protocol Advisor list.

Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner Limitations and Troubleshooting

Following are the limitations and troubleshooting methods of Protocol Advisor

  • Following protocol will be detected by LoadRunner frequently. You can use it if no other protocols detected
    • COM/DCOM
    • Java
    • .NET
    • WinSock
    • LDAP
  • Some web protocols detected using the URL i.e. if the URL contains SAP, it will detect SAP protocol. If you use other URL which doesn’t have SAP keyword, it will detect other protocols
  • If the advisor hangs, you need to manually terminate the hanging process in which you will lose your detected sessions.
Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner

3 thoughts on “How to use Protocol Advisor in LoadRunner?”

  1. Hi Naveen,
    Have you ever used Load Runner to load test HP QC? Please let me know if you have as the protocol advisor was not helpful for this.

  2. HI Naveen, wanna to know how to find the protocol for my application in LR 12.55 , protocol adviser is removed in latest version. I used wire shark I came to know it is .net so i used .net framework to record but unable to record my application, any suggestion pls


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