How to Record and Playback in QTP

This video tutorial explains how to record and playback in QTP using Flight Application.

Following video discusses about below stuffs:

1. How to launch Flight application from QTP

2. How to record actions in QTP

3. How to playback in QTP

4. How to see / check the results in QTP

Advantages of Record and Playback

i. It is very easy to record and playback.

ii. It helps us to deliver the test script quickly.

iii. Script generate instantly

But there are more disadvantages of record and playback approach.

Disadvantages of Record and Playback

i. No re-usability of test scripts

ii. Data are hard coded in the test scripts

iii. Maintenance is nightmare

iv. Commenting is mandatory and necessary in test scripts.

v. More Lines of code gets generated

vi. It will not yield results on time.

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