How to present Ultimate Performance Test Strategy?

Performance Test Strategy is a critical deliverable in Performance Test Life Cycle. Test Strategy defines what to test and how to test the application. Every organization has its own standards and process. This article teaches you how to present ultimate performance test strategy which gives you few important tips that needs to be taken care when you give a test strategy walk through to the stakeholders. Also, important points to be taken care before, during, and after the walk-through.

What is Performance Test Strategy?

Performance Test Strategy is a document which should be prepared by test lead or test engineer with the inputs from architects, developers, business analysts, database analysts and other external stakeholders. Performance Test Strategy defines what is the approach to be followed to accomplish the performance test objectives. Apart from the approach, test strategy has other critical parameters.

Performance Test Strategy Contents

Typical performance test strategy document must contain following sections:

  1. Project Overview
  2. Performance Test Objective
  3. Timeline
  4. In Scope
    • Scenarios and Transactions
  5. Out Scope
  6. Types of Testing
  7. Workload Model
  8. Test data Dependency
  9. Service Level Objectives
  10. Defects Process
  11. Key Contacts
  12. Reference Documents

If any other key sections are missing, please add it in the comments section.

Before Test Strategy Walk-through

Following are the points to be taken care before you schedule the meeting:

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  • Collect the non-functional requirements from the stakeholders
  • Furnish all the details to the document
  • Review it yourself
  • Conduct a peer review
  • Conduct a review with your test lead or test manager; more you review, more the document will get polished
  • Block a conference room, if you are giving a walk through from your cubicle, make sure your telephone devices working in proper condition
  • Know your audience
  • Check for the key stakeholder’s availability
  • Add an agenda in the meeting invite
  • Send out a screen sharing invite in the meeting invite
How to present Ultimate Performance Test Strategy
How to present Ultimate Performance Test Strategy

During Test Strategy Walk-through

Following are the points to be taken care during test strategy meeting:

  • Open the conference call prior to five minutes before the actual schedule
  • When the attendees started joining, greet them in pleasant tone and note down the attendees list
  • Do not wait more than 3 minutes to get started.
  • Every one minute provide a roll call status (announce the attendees name)
  • When all key attendees joined start the walk through by announcing the project name
  • Speak in a confident tone
  • State the project objective clearly and followed by subsequent sections
  • Confirm the key details such as load, SLA, types of testing, database constraints, build version etc.
  • Do not ask questions, it is a walk through not a non-functional requirements elicitation
  • Describe each section clearly
  • Conclude the walk-through with the comments (if any)
  • Thanks the attendees

After Test Strategy Walk-through

Once the test strategy meeting is done, immediately send the meeting minutes followed by approval request. Incorporate the review comments (if any). Place the strategy document in the project LAN or SharePoint and append the link in the email, do not send it as attachment. Follow the organization standard naming conventions for the versioning.


For the successful test strategy walk-through, it is important to do homework, furnishing all the details, and a confident tone to describe the key points. If I missed any points, please let me know in the comments section.

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How to present Ultimate Performance Test Approach

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