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How to download VuGen script from HP Performance Center?

In this article we will see about how to download VuGen script from HP Performance Center. All the scripts can be uploaded under Test Plan module by using Upload VuGen script option. But downloading VuGen script is straightforward, but in some instances your script will get corrupt.

To avoid any script corruption while downloading, I will teach you a little trick. Though script got corrupted, you can easily recover it from version history. But still this trick will save your time.

How to download VuGen script from HP Performance Center?
How to download VuGen script from HP Performance Center?

How to download VuGen script from HP Performance Center?

  1. Launch HP Performance Center
  2. Enter your valid credentials
  3. Go to Test Plan
  4. Navigate to the script folder and select the script which you want to download
  5. At the bottom right corner, you could see Download button
  6. Click on it to download the script
  7. You will get a pop-up window with the script name with the extension *.USZ. By default HP Performance Center allows us to download only USZ file. While uploading it will allow only *.ZIP format
  8. Click on Open.
  9. Your script will open in VuGen.
  10. Now go to File > Save Script As and enter a valid name and then click on OK.

This will save your VuGen script in a proper LoadRunner script folder structure. Now you can make modifications locally and then upload it to HP Performance Center. While save as your VuGen script, it will automation create default supporting files like Run-time settings, General settings etc.

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