How to create Vuser scripts in LoadRunner?

HPE defined the VuGen script workflow in detail. In this blog series, you are going to learn about how to create Vuser scripts in LoadRunner. It is ideal to have the foundation skills strong to solve biggest problems. Below is the script workflow which is defined by HPE:

Create > Record > Correlate > Replay > Debug > Enhance > View

Create Vuser Scripts in LoadRunner

The very beginning step is to create a blank script in VuGen. Black script can be created in multiple ways: via File menu, by clicking on Add New Script icon or by pressing shortcut key combination Ctrl + N. Before you create a blank script, you must decide in which protocol you need to script. Is it a single protocol or multiple protocol? Are you going to create mobile protocol or web based protocol? If you skeptical about the protocol, you can use Protocol Advisor utility.

Once the blank script is created, the next step is to record the business flow in the script. I would suggest you to create multiple actions ahead in your script.

Create Vuser Scripts in LoadRunner
Create Vuser Scripts in LoadRunner

What happens when you create a Vuser script?

After creating a blank Vuser script, multiple files will be created by VuGen which comprises of configuration files, data files, temp files, and the source code. Above said files contains the information about the script, runtime settings, breakpoints, configuration details etc.

How to create/open scripts in VuGen?

VuGen allows you to create/open scripts in multiple ways:

  1. You can create/open script from the templates.
  2. You can import/export the scripts to zip file formats
  3. Open scripts from the HP ALM (Application Lifecycle Management)

Multiple Protocol Scripts

Multiple protocol scripts enables you to record the application which is built using more than one protocol. To create multiple protocol, you need to select Multiple Protocol node in the Create a New Script dialog box as shown above.

Multiple-Action Scripts

Most of the protocol scripts supports more than one action section. E.g. Web HTTP/HTML, Oracle NCA supports multi action sections in the scripts i.e. you can create multiple actions.

Also it is possible to overwrite recording session in Java, Web HTTP/HTML, Oracle NCA or RTE Vuser scripts.

In this article, you learnt how to create Vuser scripts in LoadRunner, in next article you are going to learn about script architecture.

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