How to create test accounts in Facebook?

It is hard to find people who are not using Facebook. As a tester have you found any bugs in Facebook? Rather than browsing in Facebook, I prefer to test Facebook. As a part of White Hat initiative, Facebook allows to create a test accounts. In this blog post, we will see how to create test accounts in Facebook for testing.

Below are the steps to create test accounts in Facebook:

You can create any number of test accounts for your testing, and later you can delete using Delete Selected button.

About Test Accounts:

  • Test Accounts should be used only for investigating security vulnerabilities
  • If the issue is not able to identify with test account, you can test use real account except for automated testing
  • Test Accounts cannot interact with real accounts
  • Test accounts can interact with other test accounts
  • Using test accounts you cannot like pages or post
  • It is not possible to convert test accounts to real accounts
  • Test Accounts are exempt from Facebook spam or fake account detection systems

When you browse Facebook, don’t just browse; test it with test accounts.

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