How to analyze performance test results?

I was skeptical when it comes to analyze performance test results first time. First project I worked with HP LoadRunner where I learned ABCD of Performance Testing. After immediate success of that project, I started working on Apache JMeter. I was very new to JMeter. I found no one who is expertise in JMeter to help me out. I struggled a lot, I experimented a lot, I created a nuisance in the network when I loaded more number of threads to the test :P


Loadosophia is no longer available

After I learned about Thread Groups, Samplers, Logic Controllers, Timers, Correlations, Listeners etc. When I about to start the analysis, I spent lot of effort by plotting graphs, charts in MS Excel. Later I found this online tool called Currently it is in beta stage, where you can see your results in color.

What is

Loadosophia allows performance test engineers to store and analyze the performance test results. It supports result analysis from Apache JMeter, Apache Benchmark and Yandex performance testing tools.

It is online analysis tool which helps to visualize the test results and stores for future reference. They use dedicated server to store your results and use Google Account APIs. Also, it uses TLS to encrypt the network exchange for your data and reports.

It is free, because it is in beta stage.

How to start?

  1. Login with your Google ID.
  2. Upload your results in Upload page
  3. Navigate to Test Report Page to play with it.
  4. Organize your results by selecting KPIs to track the trends

You can check out few public tests

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