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Think about the world without search engines in the World Wide Web arena. You cannot perform the tasks in right time. Many will agree with my point and few will disagree. Anyway this is not the forum to argue. Few weeks ago Bing released its social networking based search results. You can check out my article Social Search – New Bing Feature. Now it’s time to, Google Knowledge Graph.

The search term you enter in the Google text box is no more just a keyword. Now it is an entity/object. The purpose of Google Knowledge Graph is to enhance the search results. Your keyword might have more than one meaning.

E.g. If you enter a keyword BachchanGoogle return Amitabhji in the first result. But you expect Google should return Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or Abhishek Bachchan or Jaya Bachchan in the search results. Earlier it is not possible, but now IT IS.

Yes, Knowledge Graph fulfills your requirement by treating your search terms as an object and it lists out the related search results.

Another example: if you enter “Annadurai” in Google search textbox and hit enter, in the right pane, under See results about section it lists out Former TN Chief Minister C N Annadurai as well asMylswamy Annadurai, scientist at ISRO.

One more example: Enter “Infosys”, you will get people related to Infosys such as Nandan Nilekani,Narayana Murthy and Kris Goplakrishnan.

Enter “India”, it will lists out Points of interest such as Taj Mahal, India Gate etc. in the search results. Try it out here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At present Google Knowledge Graph only available in, not in

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