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Get ready for Dynatrace 6.5

Tomorrow dynatrace is hosting a webinar featuring dynatrace 6.5. Dynatrace 6.5 is expected to release by end of September. Exact dates are unknown at this point. I will keep you posted about the progress.

In this webinar, dynatrace team will introduce dynatrace 6.5 features such as automatic problem detection, automated web performance checks through User Experience Management, enhanced transaction flow and PurePath Analytics in the dashboard, support for non-HTTP based apps, REST APIs via Swagger.

I attend all the webinars and online dynatrace clinics. It will be interesting and informative. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on dynatrace or not; it is good to know about the new features.

Dynatrace 6.5
Dynatrace 6.5

Dynatrace 6.5 Webinar Link

Here is the link where you can register for the webinar.


After the presentation, you can shoot questions to dynatrace team.

Latest version of dynatrace is 6.3.9 which got released recently. It has most of the critical fixes and improvements. Detailed information can be seen here https://community.dynatrace.com/community/display/PROD/Dynatrace+6.3.9+Release+Notes

See you there.

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