Free Dynatrace Certification

Are you looking to get certified in performance management? Are you hardcore performance specialist who works on dynatrace APM technologies? Are you looking for valuable free certifications? Here is the answer. dynatrace is now offering free certification on Associate Level – APM Industry.

How to get certified?

Following are the prerequisites to register and get certified on Associate Level – APM Industry.

  1. Valid business email id
  2. Your profile at dynatrace APM University

You can create your profile at It will take couple of business days to get approved.

How to register for free dynatrace certification Associate Level – APM Industry?

Below are the steps to register for Associate Level – APM Industry certification.

  • Login into
  • Click on Certification
  • Click on START HERE at APM INDUSTRY ASSOCIATE CERTIFICATION (grayed out box) as shown below
APM Path
APM Path
  • Now click on PRESCRIPTIVE PATH FOR ASSOCIATE link which will take you to APM Industry Associate Certification Resources
  • Once you are done with the preparation, go to back previous page where you could see below details. First, you need to agree terms and conditions, then you need to take one survey and then you can go ahead for the certification.
How to take exam
How to take exam

Detailed instructions for the certification has been mentioned in this link

Following are the four areas evaluation breakup:

  • Why APM? (15%)
    • Why APM?
    • Application Performance is in the Eyes of the End User
    • The True Value Of Application Performance Management In Production
    • Fact Finders: Sorting Out the Truth in Real User Monitoring
    • How EUE Impacts Your Bottom
    • Performance is the Cornerstone of Development
  • Approaches to APM (35%)
    • Approaches to APM
    • Measuring the Business Impact of Technology Performance
    • Is Your IT Ready for the New Normal?
    • Is Your IT Ready for the New Normal?
  • Requirements of APM (35%)
    • APM requirements – Picking a Solution
  • The Performance Journey (15%)
    • DevOps – Changing the ‘M’ in APM Performance
    • I’m Not Scared Of DevOps
    • DevOps Top 11
    • DevOps – Streamlining With a Performance Platform
    • An Introduction to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
    • An Example of an IT CMM
    • Gartner’s APM Conceptual Framework
    • Why You Need an APM Platform
    • Achieving APM Maturity

Pass percentage is 80% or higher. All the questions are multiple choice where you will receive partial credit if the question has more than one correct answer.

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Free dynatrace certification

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