Excel in MS Excel

I am delighted to announce that my first book entitled “EXCEL IN MS EXCEL” has been released today. Writing a book is one of the to-do list item in my life, now it is struck out.

Excel in MS Excel
Excel in MS Excel

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Short story behind this work

I completed my work almost 2 years ago. Initially, my book focussed on MS Excel 2010. I had approached reputed book publisher in Chennai. They are also happy with my manuscript and table of contents. I signed the contract with them. But later on, they told me that they are not ready to publish my work. I convinced them, and then I updated my work using MS Excel 2013 Preview (at that time Microsoft released its newer preview version).

I had spent a few months to complete that work. Again, no response from the publisher. At last, they denied to publish my work, reason: budding author, no budget, blah, blah, … blah. Later, I had approached 10-15 publishers, but they also denied to publish saying that I am a budding author.

Finally, I decided to go for on-demand publishing by spending some capital amount :).

Here is it https://notionpress.com/read/excel-in-ms-excel-1296272

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By purchasing each copy this book, we will donate INR 25 to organizations working on child education. Help children to pursue their dream and fulfill their hopes.

Back to present

The book has hit the store yesterday. You can check my website www.Excel2013.org about the book.

Buy it only from Notion Press Store. Soon it will be available at major online retailers. Currently I am working on my next book which is entitled LoadRunner Cookbook.

Here are the few pages of Chapter 1 – Excel in MS Excel. Chapter 1 provides you an overview about MS Excel and its history, MS Excel 2010, MS Excel 2013, and about the new features of MS Excel 2013.

Happy Reading!

Excel in MS Excel

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