Download World Quality Report 2016-17

Download World Quality Report 2016-17 Every year HPE, Sogeti and Capgemini released World Quality Report which focuses current global trends in software quality assurance and testing. In this blog post, we are going to see about the world quality report 2016-17 briefings and more.

Download World Quality Report 2016-17
Download World Quality Report 2016-17

Where to download World Quality Report 2016-17?

Before we see jump into the briefings, if you would like to download the report, click this link. You need to fill the form to download the report.

Pro tip: Any email ID will work to download the report, not necessary to enter business email ID.

About the report

World Quality Report is a team effort from HPE, Sogeti, and Capgemini. This is the eighth edition; inception report got released in the year 2009. 1600 executives across 32 countries took part in this report. 44 questions were asked to respond.

Maximum head count (280) is from USA; none from India.

Table of Contents

Below is the table of contents of World Quality Report.

  • Digital Transformation
  • Internet of Things and Security Testing
  • Agile and DevOps
  • Industrialization and Testing Centers of Excellence
  • Test Environments and Test Data Management
  • QA and Testing Budgets

Apart from above topics, the report has Sector Analysis.

World Quality Report Findings

Below are the glimpse of the World Quality Report findings.

  1. Digital Transformation continues to drive IT strategy and make itself felt in the QA and Testing function
  2. Agile and DevOps continue to grow in adoption, with QA making a corresponding move.
  3. The emergence of Internet of Things functionality is a disrupting force with the potential to increase the impact of failure
  4. The challenges around managing and driving down the cost of test environment management are growing
  5. The continued requirement to find efficiencies at every level in QA and Testing remains evident despite this year’s success in containing costs.

The report also has key recommendations, challenges, and current trends in software testing. The report touches all the areas of software testing; automation, cloud, performance, mobile, social, security, regression, test data and many more.

This report has two key emerging techniques: robotics automation and test design automation. Last section of the report is sector analysis. It talks about automotive, consumer products, retail, and distribution, Energy and Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, High Tech, Public Sector, and Telecom, Media, and Entertainment.

Your turn: What are the key take away you found useful from the report? Please let us know in the comments.

Download World Quality Report 2016-17

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