March 25, 2013

Download WebLOAD 10.0 Beta

Radview released its newer version of WebLOAD 10.0 Beta. 30 day trail version of WebLOAD Beta is available to download. You can download it from by registering.

WebLOAD 10.0 Beta features

  1. Updated User Interface and user experience
  2. Mobile
  3. IPv6 support
  4. Monitoring – Linux via SSH
  5. Improved Analytics
    1. Fast Import
    2. Custom expressions
    3. Export as Raw Data
  6. General improvements
    1. WebLOAD 10.0 contains many other improvements, bug fixes and enhancements, notably:
    2. Recording start page
    3. Handle many log info entries
    4. Recover auto-saved session
  7. Platforms – Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8 support

You can check out the new features in detail over here WebLOAD 10.0 is compatible with all scripts that were created using WebLOAD version 8.0 or newer versions.

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