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Snapper is a VB.NET based tool developed with the objective of reducing the manual effort spent in capturing the snap shots and saving it in the word document during the test execution. When it comes to testing, it is important that we have an evidence for each and every test case we execute in the form of snapshots.

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Some of the common methods used are:

  • Using the inbuilt tool in HP Quality Center (QC) to take snap and attach it to each step or run
  • Taking the snap shot of each screen and then putting it in a MS Word or MS Power point document and attaching it to the run.

 In both the cases, there is quite an amount of manual effort that is spent in doing the above tasks.

Snapper comes as a solution for this!

Screen Capture Options

The tool provides you with the below two Screen Capture options:

  • Capture full screen – Captures the whole screen including taskbar and mouse cursor
  • Capture active screen – Captures the screen which is in focus

At any point in time, you can toggle between ‘Capture full screen’ and ‘Capture active screen’.

Capture & Export

  • To capture the screen, press ‘Print Screen’ button
  • Once the print screen button is pressed, the screen will be captured based on ‘Screen capture’ and ‘format’ option and will be saved in the set.
  • After capturing all the snap shots, click on ‘Export to Microsoft Word’ button. This will save all the images to the word document
  • Later, the word document can be attached to quality center as an evidence of test execution


  • Saves significant amount of manual effort
  • At any point of time, the user can create a new set or continue with an existing set.
  • Snapper is generic tool which can be used in any place where screen shots has to be taken and consolidated

Download Snapper – Screen Capturing Tool for Free

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Tool Developed by Elango M. You can contact the developer directly, by filling below form.

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