DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1

In my last post, we have seen about what’s new in Micro Focus LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 1. In this blog post, we will see what’s new in DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1 alone. As you know, I have already published in-depth course about DevWeb in Udemy, please check it out and grab it now.

What’s new in DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1?

DevWeb is a brand new protocol offering from Micro Focus. Since its inception, there have been numerous features, enhancements and fixes released.

Service Pack 1 includes the following:

DevWeb now supports Pass-Fail criteria. You need to configure sla_rules.yml file for your transactions and its criteria.

Below report is generated using junit2html python package. Reports can be generated using JUnit or TAP.

JUnit Test Report
JUnit Test Report

DevWeb now supports CI integration including Jenkins and others. CI integration has the following features: automated test executions, build trigger based on SLA, test report and regression suite run.

DevWeb SP1 now has the replay summary in JSON and transaction summary in the console. Replay summary will be located under your script folder.

DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1 - Replay Summary
DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1 – Replay Summary
Console Output Summary
Console Output Summary

Run Logic

Run Logic feature is now supported in this newer version. You need to configure the flow in the rts.yml file.

Run Logic
Run Logic
Runtime Settings
Runtime Settings

DevWeb now supports Kerboros authentication during replay and extended WebSocket support.

New extractors for the cookies called CookieExtractor.

const mycookie = new load.CookieExtractor("Cookie1", "phpsession", "");
const myPageRequest = new load.WebRequest({ 
      url: "",

write and isExists method for the File operation.

const myFile = new load.File('sla_rules.yml');
const isFileExists = myFile.isExists(); 
load.log(isFileExists); //this will print true in the output console

One-click Dynatrace AppMon integration.

Dynatrace AppMon Integration
Dynatrace AppMon Integration
Dynatrace AppMon Integration Settings
Dynatrace AppMon Integration Settings

Support for RHEL 8.

Sample Grafana dashboard is available for DevWeb in the marketplace.

DevWeb supports VTS server port forwarding to redirect the requests from one port to another.

Apart from the above features and enhancements, there are security and bug fixes have been done.

Are you using DevWeb in your organization? If yes, please let me know your experience in the comments.

DevWeb 2020 Service Pack 1

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