Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller

Recently I have conducted multiple experiments about Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller. Why I conducted this experiment? I feel that LoadRunner documentation doesn’t help me to understand how the data assignment methods works in LoadRunner Controller. I hope this article helps you to understand how data assignment methods in LoadRunner Controller. Before we see about the experiment, let us refresh ourselves about data parameterization.

Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller
Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller

What is Data Parameterization?

In testing environment, most of the time we use same data again and again. This will not reflect real world scenario. Even for unit testing, you must use different sets of data to debug your script, whether the script is working for all sets of data.

Data Parameterization is a process of testing multiple sets of data during runtime. In LoadRunner, you can configure this by pressing CTRL + L shortcut. Also, you need to set the number of iterations in Run Logic.

Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller

Most of the performance testers, always use default option in Sequential and Each Iteration for Select Next Row and Update value on respectively in Parameter List as shown below.

Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller - Default Settings
Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller – Default Settings

Data Assignment Methods Experiment

I have conducted this experiment by configuring USA state codes by naming the variable P_State. In the Action, I just added one request which invokes my local hosted Jenkins.

Test Data

Script Action



char actualState[20];











return 0;


Above script will print the state code in the Output pane. Upon calling each state, respective transactions will be created. E.g. if the state is IL, then the transactions starts and ends with ‘IL’. I used this naming conventions for tracking it easily in the Analysis.

I have executed the script with various settings by specifying different values and methods in Iterations and Data Assignment methods which I have mentioned in below sheet.

Also in LoadRunner Controller, I have created a real-world schedule by specifying different number of users and the duration as 2 minutes.

I conducted 18 executions with the pacing of 1 second and think time of zero seconds.

Below is the table which shows the configuration and its respective output.

Experiment Output

Col ‘A’ has the Run IDs. You can download the executed results in my Github page. Col ‘L’ you can see the observations of each run.

I request you to check my results and let me know if you find any conflicts.

Your turn: What is your favorite data assignment method in LoadRunner?

Please do mention in the comments section.

Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Controller

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