Change percentile value in HP LoadRunner

Percentile value is a key statistics in performance report. Many architects rely on 90 and 95 percentile value. In the latest release of Apache JMeter, Aggregate Report has 90% Line, 95% Line, and 99% Line by default. Please refer my article on Percentile here. In HP LoadRunner, you need to make changes to get other percentile values. By default, HP LoadRunner or HP Analysis displays 90 percentile in summary report.

How to change percentile value in HP LoadRunner?
How to change percentile value in HP LoadRunner?

In this article, we will see about how to change percentile value. If you want to filter the summary report by 95 percentile, open the analysis file in HP Analysis. Go to View > Summary Filter, enter 95 in the Transaction Percentile which is under Additional Settings section.

Then click on OK. Summary report will get refresh and displays only 95 percentile values.

Another way to change the percentile is via Options dialog box. Go to Tools > Options, click on General tab, under Summary Report section, enter the percentile value in Transaction Percentile field.

Click on OK. Now the summary report will have your percentile statistics.

How to setup percentile threshold in SLA Wizard?

You can setup the percentile threshold in SLA (Service Level Agreement) wizard as well. Launch SLA Wizard, go to Welcome > Measurement > Select Transactions Response Time as Percentile > Select the available transactions > Enter the desired percentile value.

Click on Next and then Finish. You can set the threshold either in Controller or in Analysis.

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How to change percentile value in HP LoadRunner?

1 thought on “Change percentile value in HP LoadRunner”

  1. After changing the value to 95. How can i use the template in Performance centre ? Can you please elaborate on the steps.
    Step 1 – Reports – > Report Templates and created a report template called “ReportTemplate7”.
    Step2 – Tools – > Templates and created a template called “Test123”
    In apply/edit template window, Ticked “Generate following automatic rich reports” under rich reports section. Also, selected “ReportTemplate7” and then saved.
    Step 3 – opened LR Analysis template folder and created zip file
    Step 4 – I upload the zip file in Performance center and created a template with the zip file and applied the template for the scenario. But the template is not getting reflected in Performance Centre


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