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Social Search – The New Bing Feature

Is Microsoft cornering Google to acquire Search Engine market? Microsoft is close associate to Facebook as far as I aware. Microsoft launched a new search feature in Bing on May 10, 2012 [which holds second in current US market share 18.3] called Social Search which brings your friends, families, acquaintances in your Bing search […]

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Internationalization Test Approach

On May 9, 2012 I had presented my first external whitepaper entitled Internationalization Test Approach at ISQT STEP AUTO 2012 SOUTH – Software Testing Conclave, Bangalore. There were around 60+ delegates from various IT companies like Cognizant, Yahoo, Citrix, Mahindra Satyam, NeST, Sapient etc., I took 30 minutes to explain my approach on Internationalization Test […]

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Register HP Certification Exam

Its a privilege for every test engineers to get certified. Certification adds up your value to your profile. In this article let me explain how to register for HP Certification Exam. Effective May 15, 2012, HP is announcing small pricing adjustments for both proctored test-center (HP0) and online (HP2) exams. […]

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Pairwise Testing

Pairwise Testing is very interesting and pretty cool thing in black box testing. It enables testers to find bugs effectively and efficiently by saving time and effort. It’s a technique that helps to convert large number of test cases (exhaustive testing) to minimal. Sometimes equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis […]

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