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Integrate LoadRunner with UFT

In Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), here are the phases for effective and quality delivery of products to the customers. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation Environment Setup Test Strategy and Planning Test Case/Script Design Test Case/Script Execution Defect Logging Test Result and Report Software Development Life Cycle, Software Testing Life […]

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How to insert Checkpoints in HP QTP (UFT) – Video Tutorial

Here is the video tutorial about How to insert Checkpoints in HP QTP (UFT). Thanks for visiting QAInsights! Check out our new portal to get updates on Software Testing related certifications. We’re always posting interesting articles on QAInsights. I request you to subscribe so you don’t miss out anything. Searching for […]

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Preparing to create a test in HP QTP

Before creating scripts in QTP, validate your application and QTP matches your need. You need to ensure following stuffs: Preparing to create a test in HP QTP AutoComplete option Go to Microsoft Internet Explorer, uncheck the AutoComplete option by navigating to Tools > Internet Options > Content tab > AutoComplete […]

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