BlocklyJMX – Online Editor for JMeter

When it comes to JMeter, you can run in any OS where Java runs. To create JMeter script, you may rely on browsers add-ons or extensions; to edit, you can leverage your favorite editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, Code, Atom etc. Editing using the text editors needs advanced skills about the elements you are working. Here comes the rescue, BlocklyJMX – Online Editor for JMeter test plan. It is not just an editor, you can create your test plan by dragging-and-dropping the elements.

What is BlocklyJMX?

BlocklyJMX is a new addition to the JMeter Plugins family. JMeter Plugins is like steroids for JMeter, you can leverage the plugins to expedite your testing using JMeter.

BlocklyJMX is a visual test plan builder with two-dimensions. Horizontal dimension refers the scoped elements; vertical dimension refers the test execution order.

As mentioned above, BlocklyJMX is an online JMeter where you can create or edit JMeter test plans. It is based on Google’s Blockly. BlocklyJMX is similar to Scratch programming language.

This is how ScratchJr looks. You just need to drag-and-drop the relevant elements to create interactive stories and games.


How BlocklyJMX works?

You can access BlocklyJMX from your favorite browser as shown below. While using BlocklyJMX, no traffic will be sent from the browser to the app server (BlocklyJMX). The usage about which elements you are using will be sent with no JMX values.

BlocklyJMX - Online Editor for JMeter
BlocklyJMX – Online Editor for JMeter

How to create JMeter test plan in BlocklyJMX?

Go to File > New, which will create blank JMeter test plan with Test Plan element. Test Plan is the root element of JMeter (just like you see it in the desktop version).

To start creating JMeter test plan, just drad-and-drop the desired elements from the left pane to the work area (or play ground).

Right click on the GIF to download for better view.

To configure the properties of each element, you need to select that element first, then the selected element’s properties will be visible in the right side.

If you want to add an element, make sure you select the group and then select the desired element type.

E.g. if you want to add a View Results Tree listener, follow the below steps.

  1. Add a Listener (Scope Element)
  2. Click on the added Listener
  3. Click on View Results Tree
Add a Listener
Add a Listener

How to edit JMeter Test Plan using BlocklyJMX?

Go to File > Open or simply drag-and-drop your JMeter test plan into play ground. Now, you can make changes and save your design.

How to download JMeter Test Plan in BlocklyJMX?

Click on Save button in the toolbar or go to File > Save as which will prompt you to download your JMeter Test Plan.

How to edit the JMeter elements?

You can use the toolbar or common shortcuts like CTRL/CMD + X/C/V/Z/Y etc.

For zoom in/out, you can scroll your mouse up/down.

You can pan the play ground to move around based on your screen size.

There are options available when you right click on the play ground to expand, collapse, undo, redo etc.

Right Click Options
Right Click Options

Points to note

  • It is still in beta
  • It doesn’t replace the desktop version of JMeter
  • Very light weight
  • It helps when you do not have JMeter in your machine
  • You cannot delete the root element i.e. Test Plan
  • You cannot change the color of the elements
  • Only commonly used elements are available at this moment.
  • UI looks similar to Google Docs
  • No option to search and replace
  • Not possible to use custom plugin
  • Only HTTP Request sampler available at this moment.
  • This app is not open source, but free for commercial use
  • No traffic will be sent to the server, only the usage. As you can see the below image, only the GET calls for the image has been received; no POST calls observed.
Network Traffic of BlocklyJMX
Network Traffic of BlocklyJMX


BlocklyJMX is a first online editor of JMeter test plan with a lot of potentials. Considering the beta version, it lacks in many features, hopefully it will be enhanced in the upcoming releases. On the downside, it is not open source, and no road map info available in the site.

It is a good alternative if you do not have JMeter in your machine and it is very easy to learn. Give it a try, and let me know your experience.

BlocklyJMX - Online Editor for JMeter

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