Apache JMeter Keyboard Shortcuts

In this article you are going to learn about Apache JMeter Keyboard shortcuts which will increase your productivity while creating test plans. Below Apache JMeter Keyboard Shortcuts works fine in Apache JMeter 2.13 in Windows OS.

Apache JMeter Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Purpose
 CTRL+C Copy
 CTRL+SHIFT+C Duplicate Node
 CTRL+D Debug Off (Toggle selected node log level to INFO)
 CTRL+SHIFT+D Debug On (Toggle selected node log level to DEBUG)
 CTRL+E Clear All (Clear run results also)
 CTRL+SHIFT+E Clear (Clear selected GUI run results)
 CTRL+F Search
 CTRL+F1 Open Function Helper Dialog
 CTRL+G Make a screenshot of selected node GUI
 CTRL+SHIFT+G Make a screenshot of JMeter GUI
 CTRL+H Open Help Page
 CRTL+L Close current Test Plan
 CTRL+M Select SSL Manager (set “javax.net.ssl.keyStore” property)
 CTRL+O Open a file
 CTRL+Q Exit
 CTRL+R Start Test Plan
 CTRL+SHIFT+R Remote Start Test Plan
 CTRL+S Save
 CTRL+T Toggle Element (Enable/Disable)
 CTRL+V Paste
 ALT+X Remote stop all
 ALT+Z Remote shutdown all
 Delete key Remove node
 CTRL + “.” Stop Test
 CTRL + “,” Shutdown Test
 CTRL+”-“ Collapse All
 CTRL+SHIFT+”-“ Expand All
 CTRL+/ (do not use the numkey ‘/’) Select ALL Elements


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