Apache JMeter – Basic and Advance Tutorial

In this post, I have created a simple presentation which covers basic and advance concepts of Apache JMeter. Basically JMeter is very robust tool for Performance Testing. The main advantage of JMeter is its FREE, unlike costly tools available in the market.

But the major drawback in JMeter is engineers should accomplish their task manually. e.g. if the detailed report needs to prepared they should generate manually or need to use plugins. Sometimes the plugins functionality will not meet the requirements.

In case of licensed tools like HP LoadRunner, IBM Rational Performance Tester customized reports can be generated by few clicks.

Anyway, it is always best to learn at least one open source tool. Here it is…

Apache JMeter - Basic and Advance Tutorial

6 thoughts on “Apache JMeter – Basic and Advance Tutorial”

  1. Hi Naveen,
    Greetings. Since I saw ur recent post on JMeter, thought of asking this question.

    Question: How do we achieve the performance testing of workflow based API methods?

    Explanation: say we have two xmls Search a toy and update the shopping cart.

    1) I want to create a workflow based test execution. I.e) I want to search for an item using the search XML request, say pickup the 3rd item from the search response and pass it to the update request.

    2) To archive this, I am pretty sure we have XPATH extractor or few other samplers in JMeter.. But my problem is I am not able to get it working since SOAP based requests involves namespaces and I am not able to get the exact XPATH in JMeter recognizible format and do a data transfer. Kindly let me know the answer if you know how to achieve this.. :) thanks in advance..

    • Hi Swaminathan,

      I hope you are using SOAP XML RPC request.

      I suggest you to use HTTP Sampler. If HTTP Sampler is not working. Follow below steps.
      Add XPath Extractor as a child of your HTTP Sampler.
      Then add a Bean Sampler.

      Thank you,
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      • Hi Naveen,
        I am using a Web Service(SOAP) Request. SOAP/XML-RPC Request does not allow me to configure the reqired protocol, server IP and Port Number. Also, if i use a HTTP Request Sampler, where do I place my XML Request?

        Also, my XPATH Extractor doesn’t seem to work because of the Namespaces/XPath.

        Eg: For the below XML Response,


        say I want to extract the value of Rate Node’s->ExpireDate attribute. Can you gimme the exact XPATH Query which I have to use in the Xpath extractor? Hope my question is clear. Do let me know if you need any more details. thanks again Naveen.

  2. It seems to me, that Jmeter is well-extended by different enthusiasts and companies. For example, there is a plugin, which allows uploading results to cloud for storing and comparison with previous executions.


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