Apache JMeter 5.2.1

Last week, Apache JMeter team has released its newer version JMeter which is 5.2.1. I have already published couple videos of Apache JMeter 5.2 in my YouTube channel, please check it out. In Apache JMeter 5.2, Bolt protocol were introduced, JMESPath, improvements in the JDBC sampler etc. You can check my Windows Docker container for JMeter 5.2. In this article, we are going to see about JMeter 5.2.1.

Apache JMeter 5.2.1
Apache JMeter 5.2.1

What’s new in Apache JMeter 5.2.1?

This release is a minor bug fix release. There is no new features introduced.

Following are the defects got fixed in JMeter 5.2.1

  • Bug 63926 – JDBC Connection Configuration: Add ability to set connection properties
  • Bug 63906 – NPE for InfluxDB backend listener during failover testing
  • Bug 63910 – Broken maven poms in released 5.2 version
  • Bug 63911 – ApacheJMeter_config.jar content has changed (bin moved to run and missing files)

Totally four bug fixes has been done in this release. If you are working on JDBC Sampler, then you must upgrade.

How to download Apache JMeter 5.2.1?

  • Go to Download Releases
  • Click on the zip or tar file
  • Extract the contents
  • Navigate to bin folder
  • Launch JMeter by opening jmeter.bat file

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