This is Apache JMeter 3.1

Couple weeks ago another version of JMeter officially released by Apache which is JMeter 3.1. I was also part of voting committee to vote for the release JMeter 3.1. This article will briefly says about what is new in Apache JMeter 3.1.

Apache JMeter 3.0 was one of the stable build in the version history. This 3.1 upgrade has lots of improvements in terms of user interface, metrics, and other major & minor enhancements. Here we go:

Dashboard Improvements and Metrics

Following graphs has been improved: Connect Time over graph, Response time percentiles over time, response time overview graph, top 5 errors by sampler table, more details on errors, average response time, and active threads table.

New metrics sent_bytes has been added and connect_time has been enabled by default.

New Function

New function __groovy enables groovy function. Groovy is now set as the default language for JSR-223 element.

Formatted HTML Source View

You can view the source code of HTML pages neatly in this newer version.

pasted image 0

You can update the timers’ (Gaussian, Uniform, and Poisson) value from the property file.

Apart from above improvements, there are enhancements on memory usage, CSS parsing, support of GET request in HTTP request sampler, JDBC request is now return Blob/Clob and computes latency and connect time.

Lots of defects have been fixed along with major UI and UX enhancements. JMeter 3.1 can now handle very big responses; maximum limit is 9223372 TB. You have to change httpsampler.max_bytes_to_store_per_request property.

Download Apache JMeter 3.1

Apache JMeter 3.1 Release notes

Your turn: Have you downloaded the JMeter 3.1? What’s your take?

Apache JMeter 3.1

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