ALM Client Launcher 2.0

Most of us works in Micro Focus ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) formerly known as HP ALM in our daily project work, if you are working for an enterprise. Usually ALM is damn slow, laggy, and most of us will face issues in the inception launch. This blog post talks about recent utility which has been developed by Micro Focus to save you from ALM hassles called ALM Client Launcher 2.0.

What is ALM Client Launcher 2.0?

It is a lightweight, portable and flexible utility which will help you to login into ALM without downloading loads of plugins from the server.

You don’t need to have Windows Administrator privileges. It works in any Windows machine.

Team leads, please note that you do not need give any approval for your team to have an admin privileges for ALM.

How to download?

Head to Micro Focus Marketplace and click on Download button under Releases.

ALM Client Launcher Download

What’s new?

I am sure quite a few of you might have used prior versions of ALM Client Launcher. But in this newer version following features have been introduced.

  • Favorites: You can manage your favorite ALM URLs.
  • Site Admin: Admins can launch the admin URLs using http://<ALM server>:<Port>/qcbin/siteadmin
  • Supports ALM 15 SSO
  • Support Entity link in an email
  • Supports ALM 12.60 and 12.00.0

Before you use ALM client launcher, your admin must package it. Detailed steps have been mentioned here.

How to launch?

After downloading the executable, just double click on it. It doesn’t prompt you for admin credentials and displays as shown below.

ALM Client Launcher

By entering the URL and hit enter, you can launch the ALM.

By clicking on the star icon, you can favorite it.

By clicking on the gear icon, you can configure Lab Management and Open Entity Link options.

ALM Client Launcher Options

Important Note:

You cannot use this launcher directly, it should be placed in the right folder with the ALM client files and packaged it. Packaging must be performed by your admin.


ALM Client Launcher is a nice utility for those who works ardently on ALM. You can launch ALM neatly without hassles. But there is no support of external login or add-ins.

Let me know how ALM Client Launcher works for you.

ALM Client Launcher

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