December 25, 2013

About AJAX TruClient Protocol

AJAX TruClient

AJAX TruClient Protocol in HP LoadRunner helps testers to interactively record actions in the application under test. It is similar to QTP/UFT record and playback. Complex web application can be recorded quickly and performance can be tested.

Inception version of AJAX TruClient supported only Mozilla Firefox. But now AJAX TruClient protocol supports in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. AJAX TruClient is different from other protocols, below is the workflow of it:

AJAX TruClient Protocol

AJAX TruClient Protocol

Below table shows the difference between AJAX TruClient and other VuGen protocols.

AJAX TruClient

Other Protocols

In Script view, AJAX TruClient script is read only. In script view, other protocol script can be edited.
TruClient scripts are asynchronous i.e. steps do not want to wait for previous steps to complete. Other protocols are not asynchronous in nature,
TruClient record and replays each action at user level. Other protocols record/replays each action as API calls.
Object Identification is required and it is challenge. Object Identification is not required.
No correlation is required. Correlation might require.
Only one action. Multiple actions are possible.
Accepts Javascript code as values Might accept javascript code as values.
Needs larger footprint than other protocols for replay. Requires less footprint when compared with AJAX TruClient

AJAX Supported Framework

The supported frameworks for AJAX functions are:

  • Atlas 1.0.10920.0/ASP.NET AJAX – All controls
  • Scriptaculous 1.8—Autocomplete, Reorder List, and Slider

VuGen supports the following frameworks at the engine level. 

  • Prototype 1.6
  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 1.4

Image Courtesy: HP

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