50% OFF for LoadRunner users from RadView Software

RadView just announced half-the-price trade-up program for LoadRunner users. If you leave LoadRunner and sign-up for RadView’s WebLOAD, you will get 50% Off and annual maintenance costs and also you get double the virtual users count.

Assume that if you are paying $1000 for 100 virtual users, if you switch from LoadRunner to WebLOAD, then the price will be $500 for 200 virtual users and save at least 50% of the annual maintenance costs.

WebLOAD is a web and mobile load testing tool which detects the performance problems by injecting massive load on premises or from the cloud infrastructure. eBay, GoDaddy, McAfee to name a few are the customers who switched to WebLOAD.

50% OFF for LoadRunner users from RadView Software
50% OFF for LoadRunner users from RadView Software

Features of WebLOAD:

  • Expedites the scenario creation
  • Load Injection on premises or from the cloud
  • Web Dashboard with 80 built-in reports
  • Support from Level-3 load testing experts
  • Transparent Licensing with no hidden fee

RadView Vs LoadRunner

You can get a comparison report between RadView and LoadRunner here. You need to enter your corporate email ID to download the report.

How to download WebLOAD?

RadView offers 30-day free trial with no restrictions. Visit this page to sign-up. Free trial includes 5 virtual users only with free support + all protocols.

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