4 Capabilities Your Test Automation Tool Must Have to Ensure E2E Testing

4 Capabilities Your Test Automation Tool: Testing applications and diagnosing errors within the complex architecture and integration can be challenging by just examining the functional flow. Thus, applications should be tested from end-to-end perspectives since end-to-end testing benefits by ensuring complete health of the application. It involves of testing each and every aspect of the application and its processes like communication of the application with hardware, network, database and other applications.

To avoid possible delays and risks increased costs, this end-to-end testing can be automated using different automation tools and frameworks. These automation tools allow you to quickly respond to changing business needs since they are stronger and scalable to re-run tests after every fix and release.

But the question here is, how to identify whether the tool or the framework you are investing in, is capable enough to achieve your end-to-end testing goals.

Well, the solution is right here. When looking for a tool to test an application from end-to-end perspectives, there are certain components you must look for achieving end-to-end testing.

Below are the 4 Capabilities / Components an ideal end-to-end test automation tool should comprise of:

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Ability to Test Functional & UI Components (Presentation Layer)

Functional & UI components are the first point of any process or transaction initiated by the user. Testing of this front-end layer is important since it ensures there are no errors in the interactions and experience generated which further confirms effective functionality, usability and accessibility of the application at the end user’s side. Every test automation to be called an ideal tool for achieving end-to-end testing goals must provide ability to test functional and GUI components at the first place.

Ability to Test Business Rule & Logic (Business Layer)

Every application contains some set of business logic and rules based on which it performs a particular function. Every tool to be considered capable of performing end-to-end testing should support testing of this business layer for validating the application’s response over multiple interfaces and protocols and ensure that it performs according to the standards orchestrated. 

4 Capabilities Your Test Automation Tool Must Have
4 Capabilities Your Test Automation Tool Must Have

Ability to Test Databases & Operations (Data Layer)

Databases and back-end operations play a vital role in the working of any application. They work as a response to the request raised in the front-end by the user. Thus, your test automation tool must have the ability of testing and validating these databases and back-end operations so that you can ensure successful performance of the transaction/workflow expected from an application operating through databases.

Ability to Test Web Services & APIs (Integration Layer)

The web and cloud-based applications work on the server by making calls to the web services and APIs to request certain information for completing the work process. From an end-to-end perspective, it is important to test these Web Services and APIs to ensure that the application communicates correctly and accesses right functions to provide the expected output. Hence, while making up your choices of test automation tool, also check whether the tool allows testing of integration layer.

The aim of performing end-to-end testing is to determine whether the application behaves accurately at all the layers and exchanges information with sub-systems and components. Thus, while looking for any test automation tool, not only look for its capabilities to test the functional area, but also take into account its ability to test data, processes, logic and its workflow with connected systems.

Good luck with your search for an ideal test automation tool to fulfill your end-to-end test automation objectives.


4 Capabilities Your Test Automation Tool Must Have

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