HP LoadRunner

HP released StormRunner Load

StormRunner Load

HP has released its new solution tool for performance testing called StormRunner Load. Performance testing delivery via cloud. I think HP is competing with well-known cloud based tools such as Blazemeter, LoadStorm etc. Public beta is available from July 24 onwards. If you are interested to test, enroll now at […]

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What is Virtual User Days (VUDs)?

HP LoadRunner License Utility What is Virtual User Days (VUDs)?

In this blog post, we are going to understand about HP LoadRunner licensing mechanism. There are different types of licensing types: Time limited, Permanent, and Virtual User Days. To inject the load in AUT, you need a valid license installed in your system. However, to use HP VuGen and HP […]

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Troubleshoot Snapshots in HP LoadRunner

Troubleshoot snapshots in LoadRunner

In few instances after recording your business actions in VuGen, you cannot find the snapshot for your steps. In that case, we will see how to troubleshoot the snapshots in HP LoadRunner. Please note that not all steps have snapshots, only the step with screen interactions for web, browser content […]

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HP LoadRunner Resources

In this blog post, I am going to present about the useful HP LoadRunner resources which will help you to learn more about HP LoadRunner. Below are the two presentations which held at Philadelphia and Delaware on Jan 28, 2014. Following are the topics covered by Todd DeCapua,Vice President,Shunra; Shane Evans,LoadRunner Product Manager,HP […]

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