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I began this site to share information with others.  I welcome articles being submitted to the site, credit and links will be given.  However, there are a few guidelines to submit articles that I would like adhering to :

  1. Articles must be about software testing: Manual Testing, Test Automation, Performance Testing, SOA; pick a niche yourself.
  2. Articles should be unique and useful to others
  3. Submit articles that are your own work
  4. Writing should be short, informal and succinct (300-500 words is ideal).

Benefits Of Submitting Articles 

  1. All is well
  2. Become famous! Well, not that famous;
  3. Regular contributors are approached about freelance work, particularly if they specialize in an area.
  4. Nothing bad happens – only good.

How To Submit Article

  1. Submit your article by sending email to
  2. Send me your short bio and pretty snap of yours along with your article

That’s it 🙂 Start submitting articles.

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