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Download TestComplete 10 with Mobile Support

Latest version of SmartBear’s TestComplete 10 is now available. This major release features test automation for mobile devices. TestComplete 10 now has the capability to test web, desktop, and mobile applications. Here is the demo of mobile testing using TestComplete 10 What’s new in TestComplete 10? Support for automated testing […]

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Understanding Pacing in LoadRunner Runtime Settings

Runtime Settings - Pacing in LoadRunner

In this blog post I am going to explain about Pacing in LoadRunner in detail. One of the important runtime settings is Pacing in LoadRunner. What is Pacing? Pacing helps you to control the time between iteration. This node is application only to specific set of protocols. Where to find […]

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What are JMeter Templates?

How to add JMeter Templates - List of Templates

You might have noticed in the latest version of Apache Jmeter, next to New icon, there is a Templates icon. Templates expedites the process of creating Test Plan based on your needs. Suppose if you need to record, click on Templates icon and select Recording as shown below. And then, […]

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Upcoming Software Testing Free Webinars

I always share important software testing free webinars with my subscribers. In this blog post, I have listed out upcoming software testing free webinars. Please register yourself and learn stuffs. Faster ROI with ALM Through Education Join to hear the top reasons that thousands of HP Quality Center Enterprise customers have […]

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