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About AJAX TruClient Protocol

AJAX TruClient

AJAX TruClient Protocol in HP LoadRunner helps testers to interactively record actions in the application under test. It is similar to QTP/UFT record and playback. Complex web application can be recorded quickly and performance can be tested. Inception version of AJAX TruClient supported only Mozilla Firefox. But now AJAX TruClient […]

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Running Vusers as a Process or Threads

Running Vusers as a process or Threads in LoadRunner

It is often skeptical when choosing between Run Vusers as a process or threads in Controller. We are going to see which option is ideal for simulating real load. Multithreading When you execute a scenario in Controller, Controllers uses a driver program called mdrv.exe or r3vuser.exe to run Vusers. If […]

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State of Testing Survey 2013

QA Intelligence is conducting testing survey entitled as State of Testing Survey 2013. To explore about the challenges faced by software testers, how the professional environment is, testers’ salaries etc. Your inputs will be kept confidential. You will get a complimentary survey report when you complete your survey. Get notified when […]

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HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 Released

HP Unified Functional Testing 11.53 has been released yesterday (Dec 02). This release has the service pack which has new features, enhancements, defect fixes, and support for newer technologies. You can upgrade directly from UFT 11.50, 11.51, 11.52 to Unified Functional Testing 11.53. Service Pack 3 is available for download […]

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