QTP Interview Questions

How to repair UFT/QTP installation?

First step to repair UFT/QTP installation is to clean up the registries and folders. Below are the steps to clean up registry settings and folders: Go to run, type regedit and then press enter. Delete the following key registries if they exist in your computer HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mercury Interactive\Browser […]

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Localized HP Unified Functional Testing 11.51 Service Pack

Have you tried to install QTP/UFT is different languages? In this blog post, we will see about how to get localized HP Unified Functional testing 11.51 service pack installation references. Localized HP Unified Functional Testing 11.51 Service Pack helps you to install QTP/UFT in following 10 languages: 1. Simplified Chinese 2. German […]

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How to launch QTP from HTML page?

I have got one query from one of my friend, how to launch QTP from HTML page. It is very simple. Create a simple *.HTML page using notepad and call a simple *.VBS code which launches QTP. Below is the code snippet. HTML Snippet <html>   <head>     <script […]

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