How to correlate in HP LoadRunner if there are no boundaries?

Correlate without boundaries

Correlation is a critical task in performance testing and also time consuming activity. It doesn’t matter which tool you are using; Apache Jmeter or HP LoadRunner consumes additional effort to correlate data. There are two ways of performing correlation in HP LoadRunner: Automatic and Manual correlation. In Jmeter, only manual […]

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How to enable DNS Caching for the web services protocol in LoadRunner?

How to disable DNS Caching for the web services protocol in LoadRunner

Recently encountered one specific requirement where the development team and the network team requested us to disable DNS caching. We were trying to perform few performance test cases for the fail over testing. While switching the traffic from one server to another server, network team wants us to disable the […]

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Using JavaScript in HP LoadRunner

JavaScript in HP LoadRunner

In this article, you are going to learn about using JavaScript in HP LoadRunner. Recently, HP had announced its latest version of HP LoadRunner 12.50. One of the important feature is LoadRunner now supports JavaScript scripting language for the Web HTTP/HTML protocol. By default, Web HTTP/HTML has C as the […]

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